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 Joining Profile

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PostSubject: Joining Profile   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:59 pm

Please use the code provided below. Only fill in what is required, do not alter our application or its code in any way.

[b][size=18]Name:[/size][/b] Name of your wolf.

[b][size=18]Age:[/size][/b] Age of your wolf

[b][size=18]Genus (Breed):[/size][/b] What genus is your wolf (i.e. grey wolf, eurasian, mexican,etc.)

[b][size=18]Gender:[/size][/b] [color=blue]Male[/color] or [color=violet]Female[/color]


[b][size=18]Rank:[/size][/b] Only entry ranks allowed unless given prior permission by an admin (Admin must confirm)

[b][size=18]Appearance:[/size][/b] Write your appearance here. Please write a minimum of one paragraph totalling eight (8) sentences.

Image goes here

[b][size=18]History:[/size][/b] Please write your character's history here. It must be a minimum of twelve (12) sentences and should be properly structured.

[center][b][size=24][i]~OOC Stuff~[/i][/size][/b][/center]

[b][size=18]Name:[/size][/b] If you have a preferred OOC alias, please place it here.

[b][size=18]How did you find us?[/size][/b]

[b][size=18]Are you on any other sites?[/size][/b] please list any sites you are currently active on. If you also wish to add sites you've been a part of in the past that is optional. If none, just write N/A.

[b][size=18]What characters did you play there?[/size][/b] Please list any and all characters played on the sites listed above. If none, just write N/A.

[b][size=18]What characters do you play here?[/size][/b]

[b][size=18]Secret Codes:[/size][/b] These are keys that can be found by properly reading the rules and history of the site.
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Joining Profile
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