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 The Elkhound's Wares

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PostSubject: The Elkhound's Wares   Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:37 pm

The man shuffles in, looking shabby and bedraggled, a proud elkhound enters behind him, standing at his side. She speaks, "My name is Rosta and this is my human helper, Eindride. You have come to our home as you seek something only we can provide. Feel free to browse but do not touch. Each item comes at a cost, if you have the tags for it..." She trails off, allowing you to search at your leisure.

Here you may purchase the following.

OOC Purchases:

Character Purchases:

if you wish to make a purchase, please create a single thread for each of your characters. Only post with the character making the purchase, however, you may choose to pay with tags from a number of your characters to make sure you have the full amount. Each time you make a purchase please use the following code.

[b]OOC Name:[/b] place here
[b]Character for purchase:[/b] if none, just replace with "n/a"
[b]Item for purchase:[/b] here
[b]Cost:[/b] in tags
[b]Notes:[/b] anything else
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The Elkhound's Wares
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