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 Pack information

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PostSubject: Pack information   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:57 pm

From the old word meaning "Fortress of Snow" Skiogard is currently the only territory claimed in this area. Run by the Alpha Aquila who seeks to restore honour and tradition to his family and maintain the status quo, keeping human in their rightful place as subordinates of the land. Aquila runs his pack on a strict level of hierarchy, believing one must know their place in the pack and follow its role to the letter.

He believes strongly in keeping things as they are, for he was raised in a system that works, as he sees it, and believes there is no need to change what is already perfect. Those under his rule must bend to him and show him their full respect, although he is not unkind and willing to hear opinions if they are delivered carefully and respectfully. His word is law and any who challenge it will meet his swift justice.

Alpha: Aquila
Sentinels: Available
Vigilantes: Available
Envoys: Available
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Pack information
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