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 Aquila | MALE

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PostSubject: Aquila | MALE    Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:30 am

Name: Aquila

Age: 4 Years

Genus (Breed): Polar Wolf

Gender: Male

Pack: Skiogard

Rank: Alpha

Appearance: Aquila takes much pride in his appearance, holding himself in great esteem as his father taught him. Daily he ensures his ivory coat is groomed to pristine perfection, ensuring he is the image of health and prosperity. It was important for a leader to emulate the image he intended for his pack, he believed. Standing at 90cm, he might be considered abnormally large for the average wolf, although he saw that each generation fo wolves were becoming ever larger, evolving into their dominant size. Emerald eyes sit within his skull, a striking pair he inherited from his mother. His body is thick and muscular, but proportionally so, owing to his lifetime of training and hard work.

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One cold and stormy spring night, a female gave birth to a near unsuccessful litter. Owing to her troubles in the pregnancy, Dawn lost two pups whose names she never uttered. They had not lived and thus had not earnt a title of any kind. The third born was the little Prince, whom she named Aquila, after his grandfather. They were her final words for all dawns must come to an end and this one did not live out the night. The troubles of the birthing process were too great and his mother died. Hours old, unable to hear or see, and little Aquila was alone, surrounded by death. It was just as well his senses were as yet unavailable to him, for what accompanied his birth might well have damaged his psyche. Fathers did not witness the birth, as was the custom here and so the only wolf present to know of the terrible happenings was the pack's Empyrean. Her name was Summer and Aquila remembered her well for she became his nurse, having birthed a litter of her own.

Summer poked her head from the den, giving Ubbe, Aquila's father, the grave news of the loss of his mate. The male raged at the loss of his love, unwilling to be comforted. Summer cared for little Aquila in the days that followed until Ubbe came searching for his only son.

A proud wolf, Ubbe trained his offspring to be much like him. He believed in the power of physical strength and taught Aquila to hunt and fight. He trained the young male to be proud of his heritage and respect the old ways. Propriety and tradition were key in maintaining an orderly pack, his father used to say. Ubbe would remind any disobedient wolf in his pack that he was related to Malachi, determined to maintain order and respect. Malachi had brought about the fall of the human race, raising wolves into dominance. Ubbe taught his son to hate the humans, believing strongly in the need to monitor them and keep them in line, killing any who dared show defiance.

But Aquila was different from his father, more level-headed. From Summer he learnt kindness and tolerance, managing to strike a balance between his father's unbending ways and his nurse's naivety. He learnt to treat his subordinates well, although maintained his father's beliefs in knowing one's place. Some were simply not bred for higher office, he reasoned.

Aquila grew swiftly, standing taller than the other pups born in his Spring. For the first year of his life, Aquila learnt the ways of the pack, the importance of pack law and rudimentary hunting and fighting skills. He and the other pups born in the same year spent most of their days with the pack's Mentors. They were taught the history of Malachi and Orion, his Mentors always giving him a polite smile when his ancestors were mentioned. They were raised to hate humans, learning the old stories of their kind when humans were the dominant species, the importance of keeping the humans in line, their population under control.

Having survived their first winter, their education turned to the pack's protection. They began working with the Rangers, training with them and learning to work as a team. Together they all trained, growing stronger by the day, learning each other's strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, the pups would seek out a mentor, hoping to gain knowledge and preferment from a senior pack member. Aquila, being the Alpha's son, did not seek one as his father was his designated mentor. He learnt the principles of governance, sat on meetings with the Sentinels and Legates, accompanied his father when visiting human populations.

At a year and a half, his father gave him an opportunity, allowing him to lead the hunting party that would test the pups abilities. The seasons were on the brink of change, but the heat of summer still sweltered on this day. His group became tired and dehydrated, leaving only Aquila and one other male to complete the hunt. The other male was cunning and bloodthirsty but loyal to his Alpha. On that day, following the orders of his Alpha's heir, he lost his life beneath the hooves of an elk. Aquila was severely punished for his foolishness, but the rest of the pack did not dare speak against him.

Desperate to return to his father's graces, Aquila set off on his own, his intended destination the nearby human population. He'd only ever watched his father and the others on their patrols, but he knew the system well. It was important to stand tall and proud, showing no fear. He owned these creatures. And one of them would die. He knew if he could prove himself a human killer to his father, he would return to the old ways and regain his standing. The light was failing and the humans were hiding. He could smell their fear as if they knew what he had planned. He needed witnesses to his deed, to ensure the humans remembered who was dominant. Finally, he came across a young female human, a child by the look of her. She walked with her family, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and a small scrap of fur dangling from her hand. Aquila became enraged, seeing the fur this child held. One of his own, dead to provide this child with a comfort. He snarled, the sound rumbling low in his throat. The child's father turned with a smile, picking up the girl as she complained of sore feet. The mother nearby smiled as she held her son's hand. Aquila snarled again, the audacity of them to be so happy when one of their superiors was dead. The father looked up from his daughter's face and over her shoulder, spotting Aquila for the first time. It was then the wolf lunged, swiftly closing the distance between them. His jaws latched onto the girl's arm, dragging her from her father's clutches. she screamed in agony and fear, tears welling from her eyes. The sound was irritating to Aquila, the child's wailing piercing his more sensitive ears. Before the adult humans could react, he released the child, only to clamp his jaws around her throat, silencing her. Blood rippled from her wounds and over his muzzle, over the teddy bear she'd dropped. That scrap of fur. It was a toy, an expensive one at that for a human. They were rare, this family must have saved for it as a gift. The girls family had dropped to the ground in shock, crying at the loss of the girl. Releasing her, Aquila looked at her small, lifeless body. What had he done? He had killed an innocent child in an act of impulsive anger. But these emotions of remorse were not welcome. He could not show them to these people. So he snarled and howled a victory cry, though he wished it could have been a death knell. Other humans emerged from their dwellings to see the carnage, but held back, fearful of the large Prince.

Two wolves came running towards the scene. A Sentinel and a Legate on patrol together who'd heard his call. They saw the blood and the body and smirked, giving him an approving look. The three canines left, returning to the pack where the two older wolves sang the Prince's praises. They embellished a little, saying how they saw his strength and ferocity, though he had not asked them to. Aquila knew it was a plot on their part to get in his good graces, knowing he would be Alpha one day and might determine their fates. He appreciated it, especially when he saw the look of pride on his father's face.

Ubbe began to give Aquila more chances to lead raids and hunting parties. Eager to not disappoint, the Prince made every effort to live up to his name. He advanced quickly within the pack, becoming his Father's Sentinel at the age of three and a half. He was the youngest ever. But there was no time to celebrate his achievement. The humans came, angry at their treatment. With their knowledge of fire, they sought to burn the wolves out of their home. The pack scattered and Aquila was left alone. He heard the war cries of the wolves and the humans as they fought somewhere on the other side of the flames, but he could not reach them. The humans could not control the fire and it spread swiftly, eating up the brown grass of a hot summer. Embers sparked and flew, forcing Aquila to run in the opposite direction and find a new home.

Face claim: Aslan - DawnThieves

~OOC Stuff~

Name: Nnlya

How did you find us? I run this joint

Are you on any other sites? Previously on AGE and INC

What characters did you play there? Nnlya, Magnus, Narla, Ariana, Accalia, Nicodemus, Flynn, Jaelithe, Nymeria

What characters do you play here? Aquila

Secret Codes: The codes were here but someone misplaced them - Admin Nnlya
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Aquila | MALE
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