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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:56 pm

These are the ranks available to members on our site. Some are considered high ranks and must be earned, others are base ranks and may be requested (politely) upon joining.

This is the leader(s) of the pack. Their rule is strong and absolute, generally going unquestioned by their subordinates. The Alpha is the ultimate authority in any pack and has the right to promote or demote any pack member. In case of any encounters with humans, the Alpha is the first to respond to the situation. This rank can accept canines at the border.

Relegates are the elders of the pack. Once young and able they are now old and struggle to keep up with the demanding protection the pack requires. Relegates live out their days in relative comfort, respected by those younger than them as they often share their wisdom with the Alpha in times of need.

The Alpha's second in command, the Sentinel structures the day to day life of the pack. Sentinels often help train Rangers and are in the Alpha's confidence. In times of war the Sentinel is a tactical commander, organising the packs fighters and the safety of those unable to battle. The sentinel may also demote canines to Terminus in severe situations. This rank can accept canines at the border.

The Legate is the third in command and oversees the safety of the pack. It is for the Legate to set patrols and ensure the borders are never breached. It is also for the Legate to keep an eye on any human populations that may be in the vicinity.This rank can accept canines at the border.

A Vigilante has two very important jobs. The first is to guard the Alpha and their family against all threats. In this role, the loyalty of the Vigilante must be unquestionable. The second job is to scout enemy territory when directed, gathering intelligence and ensuring no attack is imminent.

An Envoy stands in rank just above the base ranks. They are in charge of the protection of the Novices and train with the Rangers. Envoys are typically canines in whom the Alpha sees potential to rise to greater authority. This rank can accept canines at the border.

Rangers tend to make up the bulk of the packs numbers. They hunt and fight for the pack, ensuring their safety and wellbeing.
This is a base rank.

An Empyrean is the healer of the pack. Well educated, often with the ability to read, Empyreans are revered for their skills and often counsel the Alpha on human matters as they are educated in this manner. They assist injured canines by applying the medicinal properties of different herbs and flowers to the affected creature. There are only three Empyrean ranks available in each pack.
This is a base rank.

A Mentor is the first line of education for Novices. For the first year of their life pups are taught the laws of the pack by the packs Mentors as well as their parents. Mentors may also teach basic hunting and survival skills to ensure the pups health. There are only three Mentor ranks available in each pack.
This is a base rank.

A novice is the rank given to pups once they reach the age of six months. It is the responsibility of the pup and their parents to seek out a mentor to help guide their education within the pack. If you have read this information, please add the code "Know your place" to your joining profile.

The lowest rank in the pack, a Terminus is a canine who is not yet deemed fit to take on proper duties, whether through inexperience, injury or insubordination.

This is a non-pack position. For those canines too proud or too damaged to live in a pack, the life of the Rogue it is for them. They may, of course, approach a packs border at any time should they change their mind.
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Pack Ranks
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