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 Our History

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PostSubject: Our History   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:53 pm

Earth was once a beautiful place, covered in grassy fields and rolling hills. The animals of the land respected one another and their place in this life. But man grew too powerful and advanced their technology too far, destroying their home in their quest for ultimate dominance over all creatures. They built towering cities and burned forests to ash, believing themselves totally above those whom they saw as less intelligent.

It was the wolves who saw fault in the humans ways. They were angry and wanted revenge upon the humans for the suffering they had caused. Their leader was called Malachi, although he was not always in charge.

Malachi came from a large and well-respected pack from the west. As a pup he grew quickly, towering over his siblings and even Orion, the young Alpha-to-be. Trained in combat and discipline he grew into a fine warrior and became Legate under Orion when his time to rule came. For many years their pack prospered, their numbers swelling, although they were feared and hated by the humans. Malachi at times could be harsh and cruel, though he held a soft spot for his daughter - illegitimately born after his brief encounter with a beautiful rogue female. Malachi trained her and kept her in his confidence, teaching her his hatred of the human race. At two years old Ana, Malachi's daughter, was well on her way to becoming the best of the packs Rangers; until she was taken.

Humans, in their quest for knowledge and power, sought to capture live animals for their research purposes. On a hunt, Ana was one such captured wolf. Malachi, in a rage, swore revenge upon the humans and vowed to free his daughter. But, he would need the might of the pack behind him.

He went straight to Orion, a kind and just leader, and beseeched he put their army at his disposal to rescue his daughter and other wolves held captive. Orion, however, sought a more diplomatic solution. He believed it possible to reason with the humans, that they would not shoot on site a wolf who could speak their language.

Deeply hurt and offended, Malachi attacked his Alpha and when Orion was pinned beneath him, demanded the army and was once more denied. Orion, being the cleverer of the two, reversed their position and scorned his Legate, but rather than deal the penalty of death for attacking his own Alpha, banished his brother for the love he bore him. Malachi ran and over the following years gathered a band of followers cruel and mad as he. Together they rose up against the humans in the local area, freeing Ana and the others. Those that survived fled the area, fearing reprisals if they stayed. But their mission was not yet over. Seeing the power of the pack, Malachi took his followers and travelled the lands, gathering more followers to his cause. He sent heralds far and wide, proclaiming how wolves could best the humans.

Across the globe, packs attacked and killed humans in increasing numbers until, after years of bloodshed, the human population had dwindled to a pitiful size. Wolves, now residing at the top of the food chain, began to flourish in the best circumstances since man first walked the earth. Humans were made to burn their cities and retreat into small communities.

Centuries later and the earth is completely changed. Nature has reclaimed that which was stolen from it, although some stronger human ruins still remain. The human race remains small but now live in pocketed communities across the globe, policed by the wolves. Wolves live longer and are forming new abilities and adaptations as the apex predator.
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Our History
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